Thursday, November 10, 2005

McDonald's Coupons

One of us dragged this coupon sheet (it appeared in our local paper) into The McChronicles Central Command the other day. Stuck it on the wall.

Another McChronicler said that several had been brought in already - or were presented to us by friends. So, people are aware of the coupons.

We know that coupons are a great tool to drive awareness, temporarily increase traffic/revenue (at reduced profitability), and segment the market (targeting certain regions, demographics, etc.). And we (here at The McChronicles) don't know anything about the effectiveness of McDonald's coupon program versus their goals/needs.

But how come we aren't interested in using them?

After some thought, here it is: the "buy one get one" format forces us to have to get something we don't want in order to save money. You see, we all have quite varied tastes. One of us wants a Big Mac, the other wants some chicken thing, and then there's the hamburger purist. Etc., etc. Unless we are hosting a focus group or some other "gang" of people, they just don't work for us.

Maybe we're not the target.

Image: The McChronicles

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