Monday, November 07, 2005

McDonald's Monopoly Game Concludes

Here's the official McChronicles Monopoly game board on the wall of McChronicles Central Command.

Let the record note that we won nothing but a drink. And that was after our over-enthusiastic team spent an inordinate amount of time, money, and calories seeking gratification.

As you can see by our game board, some of us believed in putting only ONE game piece on each space, while others among us wanted to put every piece collected onto the board. If we had put every piece we collected onto the board, it would have been massive (should have).

Our favorite part of the game was being approached in a dining room by a woman who whipped out her piece-laden board and offered to trade pieces with us. Cool! She must have sensed our zeal. We asked her for an interview but she would have none of that. She just wanted the Viper (with chances of winning = 1 in 17,836,429,305).

It was fun.

Image: The McChronicles

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