Saturday, November 12, 2005

And Speaking of Self-Service ...

Yes, we delved into the subject of customer self-service in a previous McChronicles post. And here is more info on that same subject.

Our friends over at Fast Food News just reported that McDonald's (and other fast food purveyors) are preparing to introduce customer self-service. They cite a story from that includes this info:

"It shortens the customer wait and improves order accuracy because it removes the language barrier (an NCR machine can include up to 26 languages)."

"The technology's most obvious savings would be labor costs."

"NCR is doing "controlled deployment" of kiosks and has about 60 of them running at franchised McDonald's locations in cities including Houston, Orlando and Denver, said Peter Charpentier, product manager in the NCR retail solutions division."

Add this to the existing credit/debit card self-service already in place and things could really start moving a lot faster.

Ron Baselice, DMN, from

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