Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Foolish Chatter

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Anonymous said...

As a long time McEmployee that will remain unamed at a store that will also remain unamed, I have a few comments about your blog in general.

1. Running a store at 100% efficiency quality and clenseliness is one of the hardest things you will ever try to do. Something is always wrong. Get over it. You still get a double cheese for 1$.

2. We hate 90% of our customers. It's a well hidden fact. While you will always be greeted with a smile and have a "caring" manager to talk to, we do in fact hate you. How do you know if your part of the unhated 10%? Check you bag, is there more food in there than you paid for? Is everything you ordered fresh and clean? if either of these is true, congrats you didn't piss anyone off. I personally have never done anything intetionaly unsanitary to any of our food, but it does happen. Remeber - always treat people that hand you something you put in your mouth well.

3. Think of what you can do in 150 seconds. Not a whole lot right? Thats how long we have from the very moment you start ordering to hand you your food. I will be the first to admit that target is rarely if ever met. That does not mean the 3-5 managers on duty are not going to stop huffing and puffing about speed untill the quality is jepordized. Speed is their #1 concern , and dont let them tell you otherwise.

4. The Mcshuffle. I couldnt agree with you more on the headheaches it causes. Just the other day I had to handle 2 school busses of 8-11 year old kids and had up to 10 of them McShuffled at once. I can only assume you have no idea what its like to have that many kids screaming at you about their food. While it is procedure, all it does is create frustartion for the customers and akwardness for the employees. What it does do is ensure something for the counter that cannot be assured for the drive-through. The drive through often gets what we call "drive offs". It goes like this. Customer places an order. Person on front of the customer in line has a large order that takes a while to fill. customer gets irritated and drives off before paying. At the counter you can take money as fast as you can ring up the orders. That way you don't loose any customers. It's BS but its corprate policy.

I could honestly go on for hours about the trials and tribulations of working and one of these plauges of mankind. All I want you to know is any difficulties you may encounter at any store is felt ten fold on the employees. Everyone of us is underpaid and overworked. I am of the belive that nobody should be allowed to eat at a fast food resturaunt untill they can prove they have worked at one as a means of supporting themselves for at least 1 month. I personaly have been a McEployee to pay for rent and tuition for longer than I care to think about. So please next time you go to a store remember - we feel it worse - trust me.

McChronicles said...

Your heartfelt comments are so meaningful. Thank you for sharing your time, ideas, and insight.

The McChronicles team LOVES McDonald's from a consumer perspective. We attempt to deliver a true, fair customer's-eye view of the experience along with customer-based comments on what we expect and hope for.

We are all mature adults with (sometimes)advanced college degrees. We operate or manage large and small businesses or departments in businesses. We appreciate concepts like branding, customer expectations, promises, etc. (just so you know where we're coming from). Therefore, we strongly feel that virtually all issues encountered are owned by supervision, management, and above. We've been the front-line person in life. We've had to deal with what we've been handed (from both sides). We empathize with you and your crew on the counter and at the grill.

The way we hear it most crew members want to be great, and want McDonald's to be great, as do the customers. By respectfully and caringly identifying any issues and offering ways to improve (the best we can) we all are working towards a better situation. Hopefully the powers that be are listening, care, and are able to take action. Compared to taking notes during McDonald's visits, submitting reports, managing a blog (after working 50 hours per week, teaching a college class, raising kids, etc.) it would be much easier just to be rude, complain, and trash McDonald's. But we really care.

Thank YOU for being there, for caring, for all the hassles you take by many, many rude customers. YOU are the HERO of this story.

Please know that so many customers LOVE McDonald's and are so hopeful of the promised and expected experience. Keep up the great work - we really appreciate you!

Anonymous said...

As a Manager for quite sometime now, I really believe that we are not given the best resources to give 100 percent total customer satisfaction as we once did. The ops managers are more concerned about labor costs than service times and quality of a customers visit. I think some of the newer policies such as if a customer calls and is missing food they have to come back inside to get it they can't come through drive thru. Excuse me but weren't we the ones that made the mistake in the first place? These are just a few things that drive me crazy. being friendly and taking care of the customers at all costs is no longer a priority with Mcdonalds. Its now have as few employees working as possible and don't give the customer anything extra regardless if we messed there order up or not.