Saturday, November 26, 2005

McDonald's Banner Ad

The McChronicles dragged itself out of bed this morning (after a hard day of recovering from Thanksgiving) to find an interesting banner ad on

We don't recall ever seeing such an ad from McDonald's, so we were a bit intrigued. The ad was tied to our PC's internal clock so it knew what time it was at our office - and told us so in the ad. Cool!

Curious (hungry) the ad led us to a tantalizing (a matter of taste, we know) web page promoting McGriddles breakfast sandwiches.

We have to admit that it made us hunger for some breakfast. We're just not sure it would be prudent to leave The McChronicles central command in a cold, windy snow storm (see image). Maybe for lunch!?!? Time will tell.

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Glenn (Customer Service Experience) Ross said...

Great blog! Thanks for pointing me to the US News article. If McDonald's is reading this, how about some healthy food I can eat when my kids twist my arm to take me there? Something beyond salads and chicken wraps. Note to McDonalds: Mayonnaise is not healthy. You could look it up.