Friday, November 11, 2005

Whitney Point, NY Handles It

The Whitney Point, NY McDonald's (store #23622) sits alongside Interstate 81, a major north-south highway that serves the Upstate region. The first reaction is, "this is one of THOSE McDonald's" (spoken in a slightly-snobby tone), the kind that is attached to a convenience store. They just have a lower-class feeling when compared to a stand-alone McDonald's (limited seating, riff-raff bleeding in from the beer/cigarette/gas crowd, limited menu? - not sure about that one).

So, we walk in with a bit of an attitude only to find that there are about 20 football fans in line ahead of us (on their way to a big game). Great! Now we're set up for a sub-optimized experience AND we're going to have to wait forever to receive it. Right?

Au contraire! This feisty little restaurant lined us up and proceeded to whittle us down in short order. No, it wasn't the fastest, and, no, it wasn't "special" in any way, but it really got the job done. Each order was assigned an order number and, when it was ready, a crew member shouted out the number. This flowed smoothly and felt better than the silent killer - The McShuffle.

We were reminded that "something is better than nothing". We really had a hankerin' for McDonald's in a place where maybe a full-blown store wouldn't work. This Express Mart McDonald's was right where we needed it, and delivered just fine.

Great job Whitney Point!

Image: The McChronicles

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