Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Inconsistent & Damaged

Greenville, SC
Woodruff Road

Online Time: Not Reported
Order Wait: 1.25 minutes
Quality: Great
Service: Fair
Cleanliness: Good
Theme: Local College Colors

The field team reported that all went fairly well during this visit. The cashier asked if the order was "for here or to go" three times (annoying). As for the sandwiches, we quote, "One cheeseburger with hasty wrap job and looked slightly mishandled (ie crushed)".

But, is this OK? What if your bank teller asked you if you wanted your money in tens or twenties three times? What if your bills were wadded up? Why do we accept this? Why do McDonald's managers allow this? Why do the company's executives allow the franchisees to get away with this?

As customers, we seem to be expected to accept it.

The field team ended their report with this suggestion:

"Point to ponder: McD's could maybe consider upgrading the quality of their buns and fries. They seem flimsy in comparison to other fast food places. (Hope this is not considered bashing - meant as constructive criticism." True McChronicles form - passionate, positive, constructive, and loyal to McDonald's. Thanks Team!

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