Saturday, March 12, 2005

Passionate Feedback from McChronicles Field Agent

It is the little things that matter (both good and bad). Here is some feedback (edited slightly) from a passionate McChronicles field agent - dialoging instead of reporting impartially. Sometimes we all need to blow off a little steam.

I went to the Oriskany Blvd., Yorkville, NY McDonald's to get some lunch for the kids the other day...and some Chicken Selects for myself.

I went in even though I was taking the food home. Previous data has shown that the error rate for a part of a Happy Meal missing is significantly higher if you drive thru as opposed to go to the counter to order. A dinner with 3 children, 3 Happy Meals, and 2 toys is a most unpleasant dining experience. (McChronicles note: see how significant the quality issue is? It really matters to customers. Isn't it sad that people know these kinds of things? They wouldn't need to if service was consistently great.)

Anyhow, most of the order was up and the guy waiting on me was prodding the cooks to hurry up with the Chicken Selects. He continued to help other cashiers with their orders hoping to get them out of his way so he'd be ready when the chicken selects came up. (McChronicles note: customers appreciate good intentions, even when things aren't going perfectly. Bad News: the whole order went down the tubes because of one problem.)

It was at least 4 or 5 minutes before my order got completed. About one minute before the order was done, he reached in the bags with the rest of the order, grabbed the fries, threw them under the counter in the garbage and went over and scooped up some hot, fresh ones that just
got tossed under the heat lamp. I was surprised by this gesture and completely disarmed. My time in line was at least triple what the cash registers were showing....but...I got new fries! (McChronicles note: a worker who empathizes with the customer, and who is empowered to take action has a lot of power.)

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