Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Small Problems

Location: Greenville, SC
Store Address: Woodruff Rd & Highway 14
Time: 1 PM
Outside Appearance: Overall good, but there was some misc. trash in the parking lot.
Service Time: 1 minute 58 sec
Stated Order: 2 cheese burgers, 1 small fry and a small drink to go.
Order Filled: 2 cheese burgers, 1 Med fry and a small drink to go. Loose one point for not listening to the customer.
Overall Customer Rating: Good

On the cash register, a text message stated that the average service time was 58 seconds. The McChronicles' order, start to finish timed out at 2 minutes, 10 seconds. The average is one thing. The standard deviation is also a key issue.

The dining room looked good with one exception. Trash was piling up on the trash bin. Chronic issue: Often the trash does not slide easily off the tray. The McChronicles notes people just leaving the whole mess on the top of the bin - versus fighting with it. Loose one point.

Upon opening the bag, the field reporter was greeted by:
" a perfect pack job. Not a single fry out of the corral. The wrap job on the cheese burgers was 10 for 10. Add five points!!!!!"

During this visit expectations were met. The experience was rated "good". The crew did their job right, nothing extra. Key points that the Field Team noted include (what really matters to customers):

  • Optimal toasting on the bun, take note of the bun edge
  • The perfect distribution of salt granules on the fries
  • Messy dining room

McChronicles Note: (and we find ourselves asking this over and over) Why does it take so long to deliver a 2 cheeseburger special? A standard product right off the menu board should be FAST!

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