Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Quality: Very Good (two perfect hamburgers)
Service: Online Time: 0.00 minutes, Order Wait: 0.00 minutes (awesome!)
Cleanliness: The drive thru path looked nice with the exception of the stack of rain gutters laid alongside the building. The McChronicles can certainly give the store a break as the weather has been nuts here lately.
Theme: Drive Thru

The McChronicles sampled the New Hartford McDonald's drive thru service today at 12:50PM. With only one car ahead of us we drove to the speaker with no delay. As reported previously, the speaker works great at this store. Having ordered, we drove right up to the pay window, then on to the pick-up window. NO DELAYS! Polite service. And the food tasted fantastic. Great work New Hartford!!! Posted by Hello

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Jon Konrath said...

I love that old sign!