Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Good News/Bad News in Greenville

Quality: Very Good (cheeseburgers were wrapped up neatly and had an overall appetizing appearance, same for fries)
Service: Online Time: NA, Order Wait: approximately 3 minutes (seems the same in many places)
Cleanliness: The floor was dirty and dangerous.
Theme: NA

A McChronicles field team was seeking a late-night snack while in Greenville, SC this week. So, at 9:30 pm they hit McDonald's for some cheeseburgers:

Bad News: 3 minutes for cheeseburgers?!?!
Good News: Our team reports that the girl taking the order was very pleasant and conscientious about getting the order right.
Bad News: The girl busing tables was yakking away on a cell phone while working in the dining room.
Good News: The table was clean.
Bad News: There were some "floor is wet" signs laying on the floor near the food pickup area.
Worse News: The McChronicles team noted some floor tiles coming up in a high traffic area.

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