Sunday, March 13, 2005

"Dirty Dining"

The McChronicles viewed with great interest NBC Dateline's expose of the USA's top 10 fast food restaurants, titled, "Dirty Dining" (aired this evening, 13 March). Key information delivered:
  • Americans eat over 61 million fast food meals every day
  • The USA has >200,000 fast food restaurants
  • McDonald's ranked 10th (the worst) out of the top 10 fast food establishments when it comes to "critical violations" from health inspectors (they were the 2nd-best for TOTAL violations)
  • McDonald's was cited for 126 critical violations per 100 inspections
  • McDonald's was the only chain that had "unsatisfactory handwashing" as the most-cited critical violation
  • Jack in the Box and Taco Bell were rated the least-cited of the top 10 chains

As loyal "consumer advocates" of McDonald's, the McChronicles was both disappointed and hurt by the actions of McDonald's that earned them this dubious distinction.

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