Friday, March 04, 2005

Salad Days - A Drive Thru Experience

Quality: Fair - brown, wilted lettuce in salad
Service: Online Time: 0.00 minutes Order Wait: not measured - very fast
Cleanliness: Good
Theme: Bistro

A McChronicles field reporter grabbed a quick salad lunch at the Route 5 New Hartford McDonald's drive thru yesterday (we know, we're going there a lot lately). The exchange was very expeditious - no line and good service.

Two issues arose - both related to service:

1) The speaker clarity at the drive thru was awesome! Based on the countless jokes we hear about bad drive thru speakers, we just expect ALL experiences to be a disaster. Not here.

2) The salad was a bit brown and wilted in places. Salad eaters are likely to be among the MOST health- and cleanliness-conscious of all McDonald's customers. They really notice problems with their food.

Another reporter did a drive-by just to look the back of the store over and reports that it is looking pretty good. This store had gotten a bit dumpy over the summer (the construction improvement activities hurt a bit). Overall, this store is coming back stropng. Great to hear!

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