Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Regional McDonald's Websites

The McChronicles posted about an interesting website a while back. It is called "McDonald's of Central New York and Northern Pennsylvania". Basically it is a site that combines interesting info regarding McDonald's in a geographic region.

Since then we have learned about a couple of others. So now we know about these regional McDonald's websites:
These regional efforts seem to be focused on aggregating resources toward the goals of community, educational, and health support, along with aiding their local Ronald McDonald House, an awesome program.

The McChronicles would like to learn more from you regarding other regional McDonald's websites. Please share anything you can on this topic.

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screen grab from the McDonald's NY, NJ, CT Tristate area website.

SPECIAL NOTE: This is The McChronicles' 350th posting! Yippee!


Steven Wilson said...

There is also mcoklahoma.com.

Anonymous said...

There's also a 'mini' site for Long Island NY. URL is www.limcdonalds.com. Although it doesn't have the individual sites of Central NY/North PA or Tri-Ad-Mac (Western PA, Eastern OH, Northern WV and Northern MD - yeah figure TRI means four in this case), it does have a lot of local flavor. Check out the cell phone program. Stores collecting used cell phones and get $5-$25 per phone and the money is donated to RMHC. It was supposed to run one month and it was so successful, it's been continued another month.