Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Hartford, NY McDonald's Shines!

Six posts ago our title was "New Hartford, NY McDonald's Disappoints". What a difference four days makes.

Virtually everything about today's visit was the same (the lunch rush had passed, the store was quiet, and we were the only ones in line to order) except for the results. Service was fast, the food was perfect, and the restaurant was as clean as we have ever seen it. Awesome!

One of our McChronicles observers (co-participating in today's visit) had read the previous post and dropped into the store on Tuesday. They saw a pretty good cleaning effort in progress. Today's experience was great because of this, and the ongoing, effort.

The New Hartford store is well-known for its very professional and pleasant staff - and is usually quite clean. That's why our last visit left us so disappointed. The McChronicles is pleased to see this great crew back on track - we're impressed.

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