Sunday, October 01, 2006

The McChronicles Manhattan McDonald's Tour: Stop #3

As soon as The McChronicles tells you the address (Lafayette St & Canal St) you know we were in Chinatown. When we tell you we were there yesterday (September 30th) you know we were there for the annual Chinese Autumn Lunar (Moon Cake) festival.

This store is cool because it reflects the local Chinese style - a culture within a culture. We didn't eat here but we did check things out. The store has a TINY order counter area. They make up for the cramped You get a workout climbing to open seating when the store is crowded (like during the Moon Cake Festival).

The cool thing here is that this store offers free delivery to the local area (just like many of the McDonald's we encounter throughout China and Asia). And speaking of delivery, The McChronicles wants to take this opportunity to remind you (again) that french fries do NOT arrive alive - so skip them if you are having your food delivered.

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Image: The McChronicles.
ground-level space by boasting "3 floors of seating".

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