Tuesday, October 03, 2006

McDonald's Sweet Taro Pie

The McChronicles encountered McDonald's sweet taro pie for the first time in China recently.

Sweet taro is a form of yam, or sweet potato. It is very popular throughout the Pacific islands - and almost unheard of other places.

The pie tastes like ... a yam or a sweet potato!

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Image: The McChronicles.


Shuli said...

This thing should come to Malaysia :(

Anonymous said...

I am in Guam and saw this thing for the first time so I searched about it over the internet. I found an article on the Honolulu Adviser by Lee Cataluna that said "The taro pies are part of the regular menu on McDonald's restaurants in Asia."
I live in Japan but I've never heard of the taro pie. I've never seen it in Mcdonalds in Japan. So I think the writer is mistaken. Japan is part of Asia correct? I don't think the taro pie is in all of Mcdonald's Asia restaurants.
Anyway I shall go try it one of these days.

Harvey Henkelmann said...

They were selling these as 'Sweet Potato Pie' at the Mickey Dees in Japan back in 97-98

Wish they'd bring 'em to the States... they were awesome!

Anonymous said...

The Yam and the Sweet Potato has two completely different taste and is two completely different types of vegetable. I dont know why people always mistaken that. Anyways, I don understand why this pie cannot be sold in Malaysia? Is it too 'haram' for them or what? (like they once claim the Tabasco sauce to be) I'm a little annoyed with Malaysia because mostly every brand here is always limited in varieties, limited in quantities and limited in size. Like seriously. . . If Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India and other countries can import in many many types of products with lots of varieties, I dont see why Malaysia couldn't. Too lazy for their own good I guess. (No offense)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Malaysia suck!

mbrwhs said...

Hawaii always have this as an seasonal item.