Monday, October 16, 2006

Rome, NY McDonald's: "This store's a dump!"

Hot on the heels of The McChronicles visiting some extremely impressive McDonald's comes this disappointment. We are talking about the West Gate Plaza McDonald's in Rome, NY (store #2561 on Erie Boulevard).

First off, the store was dark. Then, the service was slow. And then, it was dirty, and messy.

DARK: this store needs some replacement light bulbs or a few more fixtures. In the middle of a bright sunny day it felt like something was wrong.

SLOW SERVICE: No one was waiting in line of ahead of us.
We ordered ONE HAMBURGER. Here is what happened:

  • Online Time: 60 seconds
  • Order Wait: 4 minutes
  • Quality: good
  • Service: non-existent (the crew person didn't even speak to us)
  • Cleanliness: poor (dark, dirty, and unkempt)


Check out the images to see what we had to experience while eating at the Rome, NY West Gate McDonald's. It is obvious that the crew either has not been trained, motivated, or given the resources to keep things tidy. By the looks of things, and based on the fact that it appeared the crew had ample time to tidy up, we surmise that the crew just isn't motivated. How sad for everyone.

The problems with this McDonald's make it easy for us to drive the extra mile and hit one of the other Rome stores. Maybe they don't care which you go to. But maybe we won't choose McDonald's at all if things are to remain this unprofessional. This McDonald's is a dump.

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Images: The McChronicles.


Anonymous said...

You think that was bad. The one at 420 E. Capitol Dr. in Milwaukee would beat it for bad service and bad food.

Anonymous said...

Yup, really bad. Cleaning materials are not supposed to be left out after use. There's usually a cleaning material storage cabinet near the washrooms (for the lobby cleaning materials), or it can be kept at the backsink area (for the kitchen cleaning materials). Someone has to be retrained.

Amanda said...

Wow, and you visited the good one in town. The other one, on Black River Boulevard, is always filthy and never gives you the correct order. I hate them. Hate. Not a strong word.