Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Veggie McDonald's II

We just posted on the concept of a "Veggie McDonald's Menu", admittedly from an ignorant point of view. We asked a few stupid questions and hoped someone would comment and help us out.

Alas, it was our own diligence and good luck that brought us our answer - at least a part of it.

Here is a photo (from HelloNatasha's Flickr photo site) that depicts, to some degree, how McDonald's handles the vegetarian demand in India. Thanks hellonatasha.

Some of our veggie friends wish that good, healthy veggie offerings would start showing up on the McD's menu so the whole family can enjoy one restaurant (versus compromising or darting from one restaurant to the other).

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screen grab from hellonatasha's Flickr site.

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Glenn (Customer Service Experience) Ross said...

One of the reasons I don't eat more often at McD's is their inability to understand that neither mayonnaise nor fried chicken is a food group. In past years they created new burgers that must have had half a jar of mayo on them. They come out with a wrap. Is the chicken grilled? Not hardly. The Internet is experimenting with Web 2.0. McD's is still striving to achieve Nutrition 1.0

Great Blog. Come to TX and I'll buy you a double cheeseburger or two (my Achilles heel.-)