Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Regional McDonald's Website

The McChronicles stumbled upon a peculiar item while dining recently. While in a McDonald's we spotted a card featuring, "The latest and greatest about McDonald's of Central New York and Northern Pennsylvania...".

Actually, the card merely directs attention to a website that features interesting information on ... you guessed it. We found this regional focus quite unusual and interesting.

Upon investigation we found a colorful landing page - so far so good. Our first click sent us to
an ad for a Disney film - and left us feeling like we were delivered to "adland" under false pretenses. Not what a loyal and curious consumer hopes for.

But then, we got to the meat of the matter. Turns out that the site truly IS full of regional/local links of interest: our favorite - the Ronald McDonald House of Central New York. There are also cool links for local educators, local McJob opportunities, and much more. This site truly IS a local/regional McDonald's resource. By the time we were done perusing, we liked the site. Not sure if all or even many regions have such a website, but it would be cool if they did.

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TOP: The McChronicles.
BOTTOM: McDonald's website screen grab.


jan-willem boot said...

McChronicles said...

Excellent link. I posted about it immediately after this post - thanks to your input.

Anonymous said...

The company that does this site and a sister site is located in Pittsburgh and is rolling this format out in many markets. They work closely with McDonald's co-ops on localized marketing, advertising and promotion.

Anonymous said...

I have been to the Pittsburgh site and have found a lot of cool local/regional info, including summer concert discount vouchers that they are sponsoring. It seems like McDOnalds in this area really does a lot to support their communities.