Thursday, October 19, 2006

Regional McDonald's Sites II

The McChronicles posted previously about interesting regional McDonald's sites.

That posting elicited a response from Steven Wilson of great America Parks who
told us about ... McOklahoma! This site contains all the usual stuff found on other regional McDonald's sites, such as: local charities, jobs at McDonald's, national promotions, and more.

So, add this to our list:

Thanks, Steven!

The McChronicles:
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Screen grab from McOklahoma website.


Steven Wilson said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement and link! Yesterday, I only knew about I just now wondered about, etc. Would they be there? Yes. This led me to discover It has links to all of the McDonald's state sites.

I've been doing a little McDonald's photography, too. I'm putting them up here on

Anonymous said...

I saw that McDonald's is bringing back the McRib starting 10/30/2006. They did this last year and unfortunately it's a limited time only product. Oh well, get it while you can. It's the best sandwich ever! The website is awesome too. You can create your own light show. Pretty neat and I'm surprised the site is so fast given it's complexity. Check it out at