Monday, January 30, 2006

Washington Mills McDonald's Funky PlayPlace

OK, it's not really an official PlayPlace, it's more like a Kids Arcade. But it is kind of cool.

The Washington Mills, NY McDonald's used to feature a real fenced-in pit that contained playground-type fun, including cool balls to whip around. It was surrounded by railings that protected parents from the antics occurring below. Today the pit is filled in but the kid-friendly attitude remains - now in the form of an arcade.

Store #: 2454
Time: 12:24
0 seconds
Order Wait: 30 seconds
Service: Great
Quality: Very good
Cleanliness: Fair (wintry mud tracked in)
The arcade offers up air hockey (out of order at this visit), foosball, a video game console like you find in the stores that sell video games, and a handful of little kids games. It's a pretty cool place - and the perimeter is lined with tables from which watchful adults can survey the situation.

This restaurant is worth the trip if you've got kids, or if your inner child is still rattling around unfulfilled.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that seem kind of sad to you?

A once active and healthy activity centre such as a playground has been torn down and replaced with far less active arcade games.

Doesn't that say something about Mcdonald's ethics to you? They rather appeal to the easily impressionable minds of kids and keep them occupied for cheaper, instead of putting forth the money to keep them active?

I though Mcdonald's had a new "go active' attitude and was trying to implement healthier food and life choices! But of course their salads are usually double the price of a Mcdeal and they're never made to appeal to your local hard working proletariot.

This arcade isn't cool at all, in fact, it's quite disgusting.