Friday, January 06, 2006

McDonald's Promotes FAN-tastic New Rice Sandwiches Heavily In Singapore

The McChronicles spent a long day checking out the various McDonald's-related activities in Singapore recently. After we noticed the strong promotional activities in-store for the new Fan-tastic sandwiches, we returned to our hotel to experience even more promotional efforts.

First, we noticed the overleaf ad on top of The Straits Times. When we pulled that off the paper, there was an ad built right into the front page!

After checking up on the news we flipped on the TV. As we channel-surfed we noticed two different channels carrying ads for the new sandwiches. The ads were so predictable that we were easily able to grab these crude photos.

It sure looks like
McDonald's is trying to make this product a success. By the way - The McChronicles LIKES the Fan-tastic!

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Images: The McChronicles

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