Tuesday, January 24, 2006

NBC Today Show Losing Weight At McDonald's

NBC's Today Show is running a daily story on how to lose weight. Their expert has guided Al Roker to losing 12 pounds while eating at McDonald's (among other places).

Here is a crude screen grab from today's show. Al is chatting from the Times Square McDonald's about the diet with McDonald's ORIGINAL Ronald McDonald, Willard Scott.

Go Al!

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Image: The McChronicles.


Scotty B said...

So how do I lose 12 pounds at McDonalds???

McChronicles said...

First off, they aren't eating EXCLUSIVELY at McDonald's.
Secondly, the expert's system was called "portion control", though it really boiled down to calorie control.

It all boiled down to eating a controlled amount of calories, and eating every three hours.

The restaurant wasn't a critical issue.

Scotty B said...

Thanks for responding.