Friday, January 06, 2006

Singapore Queensway Ridout Japanese Tea Garden McDonald's

Several years ago McDonald's transformed a quaint Japanese tea garden setting on the Queensway into a very unique restaurant location. Yesterday one of The McChronicles' best friends, Ivy, took us there for a bite.

Located behind a winding stream filled with turtles and fish is a canopied veranda that surrounds a McDonald's. It is a bit difficult to see from the road as the building is covered in beautiful greenscape.
This is a relaxing setting in which to enjoy a quick bite to eat - and it is very convenient (right off the highway).

The actual restaurant is quite small and not too appealing (actually one of the most unappealing interiors The McChronicles has ever experienced). Additionally, it took over five minutes for them to deliver our hotly-promoted new Fan-tastic chicken sandwich.

That said, this McDonald's is worth exploring. Thanks Ivy!

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Images: The McChronicles.


Dr.Gray said...

Having a McD in a Japanese garden is a little tacky. Why isnt there a tea house?

viagra online said...

I think of all McDonald's praise I know .. this is the cutest!