Friday, January 20, 2006

McDonald's Supplies

For the customer, the moment of truth is NOW. Every time we walk into a McDonald's, it's OUR time, OUR experience, and OUR judgment. Actually, isn't it the same for all consumer-based businesses?

So, like anyother customer, when The McChronicles dropped into Utica, NY's Mohawk Street McDonald's for a late lunch today, we hoped, expected that all would go well. Alas, it was not so.

  • Store: Mohawk Street, Utica, NY
  • Store #: 5340
  • Time: 13:30
  • On Line Wait: 0 seconds
  • Order Wait: 45 seconds (fairly complex order for two people)
  • Quality: good
  • Service: very good
  • Cleanliness: good (this store always manages to look good, even in the winter)

Even though the store has two very large capacity napkin dispensers (the kind we rave about on The McChronicles), they were empty. These dispensers offer the crew both large capacity AND a simple, foolproof, early warning that the supply is dwindling. Both were empty. See the image - the red indicator was screaming at us from across the room (directly in front of, and near, the counter staff).

Then, when we went for the ketchup, the little paper cups were totally depleted.

When we asked the crew to help out - they did so in a very apologetic, helpful, and quick manner. They were very nice about it - and the whole affair wasn't that big of a deal (saved by the great attitude of the crew).

But ... this was the moment of truth. A customer decided to grant a company their business. A customer expected to receive the service that is touted in all the advertisements. A customer was about to build/reinforce an impression of this business.

McDonald's, take care not to get so busy that you run completely out of the 1,000 napkins that the dispensers will hold. Be sure that your customers can get all the stuff they need, when they need it.

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Kitlat said...

Glad to see that this was the only black mark upon a good location.

McChronicles said...

The McChronicles wouldn't even consider it "black". This is a GREAT store.