Friday, January 20, 2006

Ramapo Rules!

The McChronicles was whipping south on Interstate 87 (parallels the Hudson River and takes you right into New York City) when we felt the need. You guessed it - McDonald's!

Right on cue, the Golden Arches loomed ahead. We pulled in and ... wham! It hit us - this McDonald's is kind of special. No, there wasn't an amazing theme, a cool mural, or a world-class PlayPlace. Instead, the Ramapo, NY store (#12030) offered up a simple, elegant, dignified environment in which to enjoy a bit of fast food pleasure.

All items were bright and sparkly. The floor was CLEAN (thank you very much). Service was fast and attentive. And the ambiance was clearly above-average for a fast food restaurant.

The counter was very clean and orderly - obvious pride. And The McChronicles was very impressed with the logical, clean, and spacious area in which to select and collect our straws, napkins, etc. Someone was thinking from the customer's point of view when they laid this place out.

We'd like to see ALL McDonald's eliminate the non-customer-friendly (confusing) drink lid dispenser. How about replacing it with something logical? How about LARGE at the top, MEDIUM in the middle, and SMALL at the bottom (with clear, professional labels)?

And, when it comes to condiments (in the iced tea area), this store falls victim to the same old thing that rubs us the wrong way across North America - those unprofessional, temporary YELLOW labels. How about acting like you're permanent and springing for some world-class condiment labels?

This store is highly recommended if you want a respectful, clean, fast McDonald's experience.

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