Thursday, January 05, 2006

Singapore McDonald's Introduces Two FAN-tastic Sandwiches

The Singapore McDonald's are now offering two new sandwiches that are essentially fried chicken or beef within soft, juicy, rice-cake-like buns. Since the buns are soft and a bit sticky, the sandwich is presented in a unique container (see images below) that contains a built-in liner which enables the customer to handle the sandwich without it falling apart, and without getting their hands all messy.

The McChronicles loves the container, and we think that the flavor, richness, and quantity of the actual sandwich is great.

The name, "Fan-tastic", is an excellent play on words - especially for Singaporeans (most of whom command excellent English and Chinese language skills). In Chinese, "fan" means "rice". So, this is an excellent rice sandwich. We agree.

We awoke yesterday to discover that Singapore's
STRAITS TIMES had some serious advertising for these new sandwiches plastered all over the front page. Wow! Then, as we slipped into bed after a long day of McDonald's-hopping, we saw TV ads for the sandwiches on several channels. McDonald's seems to be very serious about this introduction.

Singapore's Electric New Paper has an excellent article on this new product posted on their site.

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Electric New Paper
#2-#4: McChronicles

#2: In-store promotion
#3: Sandwich as presented
#4: Sandwich after unzipping. Model: McChronicles friend Ivy!

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