Monday, January 30, 2006

A McDonald's Valentine's Day Proposal

According to an excellent report by our friends over at A Hamburger Today (such great writers):
"For the 16th year, White Castle will turn hundreds of restaurants into love dens. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a night you'll likely forget in a week, go to White Castle and be seated by a well-dressed hostess at a table, complete with candlelight and tablecloth. At this point, you can feel free to stuff your faces. Even better, you could stuff each others."

According to the report, this event is so popular that customers have to make RESERVATIONS! For a White Castle!

The McChronicles proposes that McDonald's copy this practice and turn up the heat on February 14th. It would be great fun and it would give a lot of people something cool to talk about on the 15th. Heck, you'd give SOME people a story to tell the rest of their (soon to be) married lives. Come on - loosen up a little!

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