Friday, January 06, 2006

McDonald's Open 24/7 In Singapore

It seems like everywhere The McChronicles turns in Singapore, we experience ads telling us that McDonald's is open 24/7. McDonald's is really making this point quite clear across the island.

Here is a shot of elevator doors in a shopping complex.

This ad also promotes the fact that McDonald's delivers throughout Singapore. The McChronicles has experienced McDonald's deliveries several times. Today we were reminded of one major reason that we dislike (one part of) this practice - the fries (after a cross-town delivery) are simply inedible. We all know that the fries MUST be eaten fresh and hot. Delivered fries are soft, soggy, wet, & cold, and they taste terrible. We like the delivery but NEVER order fries.

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Images: The McChronicles.


Anonymous said...

Just want to say that that picture isn't from a shopping complex. Not when it says Block 638A. McD's probably advertised on HDB lift.

McChronicles said...

The McChronicles personally took this picture and attests to the fact that it is an authentic situation. There IS a McDonald's at the end of that elevator.

I can't recall the exadt location, but there is no "artictic license" here.