Friday, September 05, 2008

McDonald's Girl Delivers

It may be news to some (not to regular readers of The McChronicles) that McDonald's delivers. Maybe not in your town, but there are places in this world where your meal can be brought right to your home, office, party, event, or ... ?

We've explored the concept of McDelivery before. But, today, while sitting in a Shanghai, China McDonald's, after observing several delivery people returning to the roost, grabbing their next order, and heading out into the streets, it hit us. Who are these people? Why do they do it? What's it like McDelivering? Sadly, we didn't get to ask the questions, yet.

The McChronicles did build up a healthy dose of curiosity and interest. We also snapped these shots of "McDonald's Girl" as she prepared to battle the dangerous streets of Shanghai. 

As she disappeared into the drizzling summer haze we found ourselves saying out loud, "Go, McDonald's girl, go."

We'll try for an interview and report back if we get one.

Comment if you've got a cool McDelivery or McDonald's Girl story.

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Images: The McChronicles.


Jazzy said...

I do not have a story, but I'm totally into this idea..bring it to the states for us lazy folks!

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