Monday, September 08, 2008

Taipei's Yong An Market Metro Station McDonald's

Taipei has a pretty good Metro (subway) system. Most times, when you get off a train, there is a McDonald's nearby. The Yong An Metro Station is the perfect example. As you emerge, the McDonald's is right across the street - perfect.

This store is a four-story facility with steep, daunting stairs. The McChronicles expected the top level to be pretty empty (assuming that few would dare to tackle all three sets of stairs). Wrong. Every floor was filled to near capacity.

During our visit, the energy was subdued on all levels. There is little of note to report on this particular store. It covered all the bases fairly well (good order area, good service, etc.) but it could stand to be a bit cleaner.

The McChronicles (sadly) noted the presence of the dreaded straw dispenser. We have railed against this germ bomb in many postings and will take this opportunity to encourage the elimination of this feature again. It is totally disgusting to watch kids touch whatever, then play with the straw dispenser. Yuk!

The McChronicles really enjoys these city McDonald's that offer bird's eye views of the streetscape.

PS: We have noted these cool "i'm lovin' it" uniform shirts and hats throughout the Taipei area.

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