Monday, September 15, 2008

McDonald's Gold Card (Revisited)

The McChronicles has mused about the McDonald's Gold Card previously. At the time it was called The McDonald's McGold Card. A recent comment on the posting has us reopening the topic.

The McChronicles has to admit that we are intrigued by this item, and that we have no personal experience with it. So, we did what any responsible netizen would do and Googled McDonald's Gold Card. We were quickly delivered to the McD Gold Card home page - there is a complete program!

We attempted to register, only to find that, "Only McDonald's employees are authorized to use this site. " So, it is an employee-only thing.

Apparently the card is a way to help employees get discounts at various retail stores. One page that you CAN access on the site offers a depiction of how the card can save the user over $500. According to the example, the McDonald's Gold Card can be used at places like: Apple, Foot Locker, Jiffy Lube, LensCrafters, T-Mobile, and more.

This seems great for the employees.

The McChronicles wonders if McDonald's has ever considered offering an affinity, discount, membership card for customers to use. We think that this could be kind of cool, if done properly. What do you think?

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Image: McDGoldCard website.


mckroes said...

Hi McChronicles,

I can tell you that in the Netherlands there are "McDonald's Goldcards" which give people discount on McDonald's food. In the Netherlands it depends on the franchisee, the card is not available for customers.

McChronicles said...

First of all - it is great to have you back!

Thanks for the comment.

Interesting ... The McChronicles feels that this is a cool idea. Do keep us posted on this topic.

Thank you.

Kitlat said...

Fascinating. I wonder why and how it works in the Netherlands and not in the US.

Anonymous said...

Brand new: As part of the program, employees can get a special debit MasterCard and have their pay sent directly to their cards - avoiding dealing with paychecks and bank accounts. Sign up is free and details can be found at

Anonymous said...

I work at McDonalds, let me tell you. This thing SUCKS. It lists all these people that you can get discounts from, and all these good awesome savings, but half the places turn you down. Hotels that you should get savings at say no. I can't even get a discount at most mcdonalds!

It's just the employee savings benefits. Or claims to be.

Anonymous said...

From my experience as an employee:

Pretty much all the benefits are of so little value that it's not worth arguing with whomever is supposed to be giving you a discount. However one of the things that it DOES work particularly well on is cell phone service - there are some very nice discounts that it offers and the wireless service providers are used to dealing with it enough that there's no hassle.

Membership card printing said...

A Gold Card is a special card which, when inserted into your device. But i think its just waste of money.

Anonymous said...

Australia still issues a VIP card which entitles you to free fries or soft drink with purchase. While it is meant to be used only at issuing store most stores will honour it. In fact it has been used all around the world with few exceptions. When asked how one gets this card I tell them you have to eat 200 burgers. Would you believe only one person has ever asked how you keep a record .

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