Monday, September 01, 2008

McDonald's Drive-Thru: First-Time Experience in China

Remember your very FIRST McDonald's drive-thru moment? Of course you don't ... that is unless it just happened. This exact experience is occurring for thousands of people every day in China.

As reported by The McChronicles
, McDonald’s has been opening drive-thrus in China as the population moves up to car ownership.

The McChronicles was fortunate to accompany a college-educated, business professional on her very first drive-thru (McDonald's or otherwise) experience today. We noticed that, as we were leaving a McDonald's dine-in lunch, our friend, let's call her "Daisy", expressed some confusion as to just what the strange driveway was doing in the parking lot. As the "drive-thru" concept was explained it became clear that the idea was totally unknown to her. The more it was explained, the more confused Daisy became. So, we wheeled the vehicle around and drove thru.

Coming from the perspective where this moment is beyond taken for granted, it was exhilarating to "experience" it for the first time through Daisy's eyes.

When we dropped Daisy back at her office and described the experience to her colleagues, most were totally unfamiliar with the concept. More work to do!

PS: It was a thrill and an honor to capture Daisy's first-ever McDonald's drive-thru experience. The McChronicles considers this a very special once-in-a lifetime moment.

PPS: Daisy's first-ever drive-thru order? Orange juice.

Please comment and share YOUR first McDonald's drive-thru experience.

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Anonymous said...

My first McDonald's drive-thru likely took place in a packed Ford Country Squire, yes the one with wood panel sides and the little rear seats in the back! Mom and Dad, and some if not all, of my seven siblings. I'm sure they didn't have happy meals in the late sixties, but then you didn't need one... just imagine everyone having their own burger and fries cruising around is such a cool car- especially if you were lucky enough to have a seat in the way back!

pay per head said...

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