Monday, September 01, 2008

Suzhou China's Wei Ting McDonald's

McDonald's rolled into China years ago by landing in the big cities. Eventually, McDonald's was known to exist only in large urban centers. Sensible after all since this is where the people are and the money is.

Fast-forward to today, where we now encounter McDonald's OUTSIDE of major cities. The McChronicles just visited one such restaurant in the townwhip of Wei Ting, outside of Suzhou, in China. Located in the Qing Jian Hu Commercial Plaza, this store caters primarily to people on the go, in cars, on business, or on their way to somewhere else.

Managed by HU Xin Kun, this McDonald's is simply excellent. The exterior is neat and inviting. It has great curb appeal and can be seen easily from the road. Once inside it hits you, this place is really clean (critical for weary travelers and those looking for a relaxing place to grab a quick bite to eat). The atmosphere is quite different from city McDonald's as it is notably quieter and more relaxed. Even the crew have a more dignified demeanor (when compared to the harried city McDonald's staff).

The McChronicles asked some business people who were lunching here to describe this McDonald's and to compare it to other types of McDonald's found in China. The customers quickly categorized this store as "more for business people", "more professional", and "quieter".

This store offers up a spartan, crisp ambiance, complete with tons of windows, natural light, and great views of the area. The seating is ecclectic with benches, stools, chairs, private areas, open tables, and more. You can even surf the internet or check your emails on the three cyber-stations provided free of charge.

The McChronicles shuddered at the sight of the ultra-old-style straw dispenser/germ spreader that is found frequently in China McDonald's. A repeat request: McDonald's, please ban these (for motivation, sit down and watch the straw-dispensing action when a bunch of children show up for a Saturday lunch party).

The Wei Ting McDonald's is a real gem, and highly recommended by The McChronicles. Do check it out.

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Images: The McChronicles.