Monday, September 08, 2008

Taiwan's Chung Ho City (Sheng Nan Rd.) McDonald's

The McChronicles dropped in to Taiwan's Chung Ho City (near Taipei) and headed for Sheng Nan Road. That's where this McDonald's is located.

This store is interesting since it combines several funky features all into one restaurant. First, it is a McCafe and a regular store all in one. Next, instead of a drive-thru it offers a walk-up. But it's not an ordinary walk-up, it's sort of a "scooter-up" (you don't actually drive thru in your scooter, you drive up , get off, order, then drive off or eat on the sidewalk). It's a big, urban-type store (small ground floor presence with a multi-(3)story dining area). Add it all up and the experience is pretty cool. Interestingly, this store offers no deivery and no bottled water.

The first-floor order area feels very small and tight. No problem when the crowd is small (it could be a mess if a ton of people show up). The stairs are steep as they lead to the second and third floors. Since the building occupies a corner space there are windows (and tons of natural light) everywhere. This, and the Taipei suburb's teeming masses, make for some extremely interesting people watching while dining.

It's a relief to ascend to the dining area and relax since the street is throbbing with energy. Cars, trucks, scooters, people, smells, sounds, and more add up to almost numb the senses. Behind the glass, and one or more stories above the fray, is a bit of solitude, providing time to unwind and relax - even if it just for a few minutes.

If you're in the neighborhood and in need of a break - consider this option.

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