Thursday, February 01, 2007

McDonald's Super Bowl Ad?

What does the 2007 Super Bowl have in store for us? The McChronicles doesn't know.

But we do know that, according to MSNBC, the 6th-best EVER Super Bowl ad was from McDonald's. Their review of the legendary, previously-posted-on-The-McChronicles Super Bowl 27 spot goes like this:

#6. McDonald’s “The Showdown” (1993): Michael Jordan and Larry Bird engage in a physics-defying hoops-shooting contest for a Big Mac and fries.

What worked: Every basketball fan knows that Bird would win this contest 10 out of 10 times, but it was still a clever idea with a catchphrase that continues to pop up in “Horse” games. (“Over the second rafter, off the floor … nothing but net.”)

The results: This commercial seems to have blessed everyone involved. Jordan won three more championships and Bird transitioned into a solid career as a coach. And while salads and chicken products have been killing off the rest of the menu, the cholesterol-heavy Big Mac value meal remains an untouchable fast-food staple.

Honestly, we're still hankerin' to see Ronald bust the Burger King. Let's REEBOK BK! It would be so sweet.

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jan-willem said...

Who wants to be a clown if you can be king? ;-)