Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Custom Connoisseur Creation

The McChronicles recently posted about Custom CREW Creations. You know, the concoctions that inspired insiders make when they are working at McDonald's. We figured these people have the inside scoop on popular custom combos, ingredients, and the all-important permission to mess around.

We overlooked one of the world's most creative fast food lovers - the man behind SLICE and A HAMBURGER TODAY. . . Mr. Adam Kuban. Adam is a well-known food blogger and writer.

Adam recently posted a crazy image on Flickr (shown here) that really got The McChronicles crazy. The image is of a creation he calls a McNugget-Enhanced Cheeseburger.

Adam says he ordered the elements and hand-crafted this beauty (versus ordering it and having the McDonald's crew assemble it).

Well, we asked McDonald's crew to tell us some of THEIR favorite off-menu creations. And we reported on The Most Illest, Futuristic Sandwich Ever. Let's open up the lines to customers. Are you like Adam, as creative as can be? If so, what do you put together?

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Image: McNugget-Enhanced Cheeseburger, from SLICE.


jan-willem said...

Sounds like you want to "have it your way" ;-)

Tracy said...

BTW, here are some choices:
Ketchup, Mustard, Mac sauce, Tartar Sauce, Mayo.
Reg(toasted or steamed), Quater(Sesamie seeds), Big Mac, Honeywheat(premium chicken sandwiches), Tortilla.
Reg burger(1/10 lb), Quarter burger, bacon, Grilled Chix, McChicken, Crispy Chix, fish, McNuggets, Selects.
Dehydrated onions, Quarter Onions, Shred Lettuce, Leaf Lettuce, Tomato, American cheese, swiss cheese, pickle.

May be missing some but thats all the stuff added at assembly.

McChronicles said...

@JW: Your comments are always so clever and funny. Awesome! And THANKS.

@Tracy: Thanks! These lists are very valuable for the "customizer". Very much appreciated.

Any cool creations using these items?

McChronicles said...

Cover us. We're going in!

Tracy has provided the ingredients list. From that, The McChronicles will try:

- steamed regular bun
- tartar sauce (version B will be with ketchup)
- regular burger
- quarter onions
- tomato
- shredded lettuce

We'll post on it after we give it a go.

Thanks Tracy.