Wednesday, February 15, 2006

McDonald's Sasquatch Ad

OK - first there was the BK fiberglass-faced King ads (freaky, scary, frightening, all come to mind).

Then, McDonald's unleashed their equally peculiar "Hamster Ad" (see previous post on that) during the 2006 Super Bowl.

Now we've got the "Sasquatch Ad" (Bigfoot, Yetti, whatever). We just spied it while watching the Olympic Women's downhill events.

Both the Hamster Ad and the Sasquatch Ad follow the same format: a Ronald McDonald statue sits in repose (like the stoic King, ho hum) grinning mindlessly while the other character does their own unique thing.

Are these ads supposed to make us aspire to "join" the team? Are we expected to identify with these situations? Or are they supposed to be edgy and cool? Whatever they are supposed to be, we think they are a tremendous waste of money.

Too bad McDonald's didn't "Reebok" Burger King during the Super Bowl. And too bad McDonald's isn't featuring some cool, heart-warming stories about their Olympic Champion Crew at these games. Now those would have been cool ads.

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Images: McDonald's TV ad screen grabs.

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