Saturday, February 04, 2006

SMS Report From Dissatisfied McChronicles Field Reporter

"Beep-Beep-Beep!". Field reports fly in from around the world here at The McChronicles. This SMS had an ugly tone.

We will quote directly from the report so the true feelings can come through:

"Waiting time was 20 seconds without anyone in line in front of us. Order taker didn't know about the meal we ordered. Had to seek assistance from a colleague. Didn't know how to remove receipt from the machine. Delivered food "to go" when we asked to eat in. Fries were cold. No paper towels in the rest room."

The McChronicles believes that any one of these minor nuisances is usually overlooked. It's when they begin adding up that customers start to take notice. It's sort of like we give the crew just one strike. In this case, the overall experience was quite poor.

Attention McDonald's crews! During our brief transaction/experience with you, please remember that we're typically in a good mood and ready to overlook a little trouble. But when it begins to accumulate, it ruins our McDonald's experience.

And this isn't just about the crew at the counter. We are touched directly by the maintenance staff, the trainers, the cooks, the managers, the owner/operator, etc. Every one of you is there for a specific customer-related reason. You all touch us in some way. Thanks for typically making it a great experience. And please be vigilant about all these details. It really matters to us.

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Anonymous said...

What you fail to realize is that any Mcdonalds employee could really care less about your experience.

Especially when you're an anal retentive consumer whore who doesn't give these poor employees the time of day.

We are overworked, under paid and highly under appreciated. It's obsessive nuts like your organization that really wear down on our spirits in the end.

Mcdonalds is a cheap, fast and over all low-quality chain. They do not care about the customer, they only care about profit. As an extension, the poor high school kids who are so unfortunate to work there really could care less what you think of our service, because you expect inhumane things from us.

You make the choice to eat unhealthy, unnatural and ultimately poor quality food at a low price and a fast serving time (by the way, I apologize that you had to wait and excruciating TWENTY SECONDS!), you get what you pay for.

If you were smart, you'd take your four dollars to a ma and pa restaurant, eat quality food and ultimately support a buisness that isn't a big money mongering hell hole.

Your's truly.
A disgruntled Mcd's Employee ;)

McChronicles said...

Sorry to hear you are "disgruntled". Carrying that baggage can't be healthy.

Here are some external and internal referneces to help you see more clearly.

“…an example of a customer evangelist’s blog cited in the U.S. News article, is McChronicles, written by a customer who spends a lot of money in McDonalds. Don’t laugh. You should be so fortunate to have customers as passionate about your products as he is about the Golden Arches.”

"...a kind of McDonald's fan blog called McChronicles. The writer obviously loves Mickey D's and expresses disappointment when he sees one of their stores fail to be all it can be."

“…McChronicles, a blog devoted to one McDonald's fanatic's take on the Golden Arches...Sometimes the reviews are critical, but often they're positive. And even the negative ones are written with a constructive attitude...This is a guy who admits there was a point in his life when he ate pretty much nothing but fast food from Mickey D's, yet he claims never to have gained a pound. What a powerful, personal counterpoint he would make to Super Size Me filmmaker and McDonald's critic Morgan Spurlock."


Anonymous said...

No mate, you fail to understand.

You support a system that abuses you. You pay money for a lie.

The lie is that you're getting good nutritious food from happy youngsters who are extremely eager to serve you.

We, the servers of Mcdonalds, are liars. We're nothing more than pushers of an unhealthy product. The corporation does this to make money (and they make a lot, think of soda sales alone), not to please the customer. The customer sets the trends, they make it quite apparent what they desire and the good folks at Mcd's don't gratiously satiate your whims, they exploit them.

In fact, the cashier at your local Mcdonalds is not a human, they are part of the product, they are part of the lie, and you're lapping up every minute of it.

I'm seriously concerned for your well being if you put so much faith into such a merciless and heartless company. Obviously you've never attended a Mcdonald's crew meeting, it's nothing more than a three hour propaganda session under the guise as a fun get together with material gain (prizes).

The trick is, the consumer will only ever look at what's right in front of their eyes (and i'm sure you realize this as you're quite aware of their advertising) and they use this method to get away with the bigger issues behind the scenes.

Issues like contributing to the deforestation of rain forest, the unethical harvesting of chickens, the use of genetically modified products and so on and so forth.

I fail to understand why you support this system so much? Not only is it dreadful and demeaning to those who are bred into it, but look how it's perverting foreign culture! You yourself have been documenting Mcd's escapades into the orient, look at how they're changing convention there!

They have no shame, they'll manipulate art (Pulp Fiction) for an shameless advertising campaign.

So how can you possibly believe that such an unethical corporation could ever really care about the individual? If they really cared about you they wouldn't get you hooked on such poor quality products, and they wouldn't bombard your mindspace with frivolous advertising.

I mean, wake up man.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if this disgruntled employee feels so passionate about his opinion he should be looking for a new job???