Monday, February 20, 2006

Deconstructing McRib -- the story, the photographs...

The good people over at FastFoodFacts weblog have done the fast-food world a great service recently. They deconstructed the McDonald's McRib sandwich.

For those McChronicles fans who are also McRib lovers, this is "must see" blogging. We do feel compelled to warn you, though, that this is some pretty rough stuff. After all, it takes a set of pretty strong eyes to stare down a McRib that has been stripped of its dignity (and condiments) and bared for what it is. And, due to the fact that this controversial sandwich is now discontinued, true McRib fans may see this site as little more than a tease. Still others wonder why McDonald's would go through all the trouble of building a website for a discontinued product. The people at FastFoodFacts address all these details, and more.

For complete coverage, including a slew of revealing images, cross-sections, a complete description of the McRib, McRib trivia, McRib nutritional info, and a comments section, visit the
FastFoodFacts website's McRib special section.

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Image: website.


Ken said...

Glad you enjoyed it!
McChronicles: I'm lovin' it!

Rob said...

What about those that want to see the McRib retired?

Anonymous said...

It's not discontinued. The McRib is just a seasonal sandwich. Kind of like the shakes and certain pies. Trust me, you don't want your mcd's smelling like that crap bbq sauce all year round. it's bad enough in just january.

Anonymous said...

The McRib will never die. Check out to see for yourself