Saturday, February 11, 2006

McDonald's Olympic Champion Crew Blog

McDonald's recently unveiled their Olympic Champion Crew Blog.

According to their inaugural posting:
"For the first time ever, McDonald's is offering an inside look at the Olympic
Champion Crew program by bringing you a series of blogs written by the crew members and managers present at the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games. You will have the opportunity to read blogs from McDonald's Olympic Champion Crew members from all around the world, each with a unique story and perspective, through which they will tell you about their experiences in Torino, Italy."

What a great scrapbook of comments, observations, and experiences from McDonald's elite Olympic Champion Crew.

The site's security is expectedly tight (who wants crackpots contributing weird stuff, or spam?) and comments don't seem enabled for each posting. Still, this particular blog seems to be working.

We will enjoy checking it our periodically to see what the crew has to say.

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Image: Screen grab from McDonald's Olympic Champion Crew Blog.
Topic: Submitted by Jan-Willem (thanks friend!)

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