Saturday, February 04, 2006

McDonald's Corporate Responsibility Blog

The McChronicles has posted about the new McDonald's Corporate Responsibility Blog and commented to it a couple of times.

We are really positive about the effort because: 1) we believe in McDonald's and 2) so the author, Bob Langert, doesn't get discouraged.

Once the mainstream blogosphere latches on we fear they will flame him for everything from trash to nutrition to the rainforest to animal rights to "Americanization" to ... you name it. He knows it. Quoting from one of his recent posts, "McDonald's is in the middle of many issues that people care about. They are complex. They deserve a lot of space and discussion." For sure! When the s*%! hits the fan he will probably want to quit (who wouldn't?!?!?). It's going to get ugly before it gets better. We think Bob will hang in there.

He reviews every comment before he puts it up (one of ours is in the incubator now). We guess that is the hand of his legal department at work. This makes the experience slow, cumbersome, and unbloglike. He'll really get it for that.

Bob needs a little confidence, a little rope from his legal guys, and some starch let out of his shirt (loosen up, Bob). We think he'll accomplish all three - but he'll still get kicked silly by haters.

It's nice to see Shel Israel coaching Bob (and to see Bob appreciatively taking the support).

Wish him well.

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Image: Screen grab from McDonald's blog.


shel israel said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my role in the new McDonald's blog. In defense of the blogosphere, they only bring out the torches and sharp stakes when they feel a new entrant is lying or somehow trying to game the system or deceive readers somehow. You will find them to be more than polite when they see a sincere effort. Bob is starting to show he is making a sincere effort and I expect the blogosphere will be encuraging to him. Open t Discussion is not at a point where it is a poster child for corporate blogging. But I for one, am hopeful that it is headed in the right direction.

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