Sunday, February 12, 2006

McDonald's Nutritional Information on Label

McDonald's Bob Langert, the man behind the company's "Corporate Responsibility Blog", just announced an interesting new initiative.

According to Bob's post:
"We are rolling out an iconic way of putting nutritional information on our packaging. Check out the graphic here, which shows the five key elements that will help customers more easily understand their choices at McDonald's."

The McChronicles really likes this effort. We know that there are tables in the restaurants, and online, regarding nutritional info. But we think that having the data in our hands while we are eating allows us to peruse the data (without fetching the table) and consider it while we are eating. It won't change our existing purchase, but it will guide our future actions.

This is a great step towards helping consumers make informed choices.

According to McDonald's website,
"McDonald's launched the official global rollout of nutrition information on our food product packaging in Torino, Italy, the 2006 Olympic Winter Games host city. Our two official Olympic venue restaurants and 24 other restaurants in the Torino area are the first McDonald's restaurants to have the updated packaging for customers. By the end of 2006, we plan to have the packaging in more than 20,000 of our restaurants worldwide. "
Look for this in a store near you soon. If you want to let Bob know your opinion of this effort, go here.

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Image: McDonald's Corporate Responsibility Blog.

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Jan-Willem said...

But what if McDonald's puts the wrong quantity on the packaging? Like the recent mistake with the quantity of trans fats in their french fries?