Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Consistently Excellent McDonald's

Kudos to the Johnstown, NY McDonald's. It seems that every time the McChronicles drops by, things are in great shape.

LOCATION: Johnstown, NY (Route 30A, Pyramid Mall)
STORE #: 4858
ORDER: Quarter Pounder w/o cheese, bottled water

Previously they received accolades for their awesome presentation. Today they are going to receive praise for their cleanliness. The first impression, upon driving up to the store on a fine fall afternoon, was that the exterior was bright, clean, tidy, and very inviting. The building is in fine repair, and the landscaping is impeccable.

Once inside the restaurant ... just as expected: very clean. The McChronicles asked a crew member why the place was so clean. Her answer seemed perfect. Paraphrasing, she said something to the effect of: People like to know that their food is prepared in a clean place. This IS a clean place, the food is carefully prepared, and our cleanliness tells our customers all this as soon as they walk in.

Actually, The McChronicles could tell from across the parking lot. This place is very clean.

Congratulations, and thanks to the Johnstown, NY McDonald's team.

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Big D said...

I think a sparkling clean store does a lot for everyone. It puts the crew in a good mood and it puts customers in a good mood. Not only does it give you confidence in the quality of the food but it makes the customer more forgiving if there's a wait or a mistake. (As long as the cleanliness is coupled with a friendly staff).

I know I love visiting a McDonald's like the one you described in Johnstown.

Kitlat said...

I often thought of how ironic it was that there would be certain McDonalds restaurants that had lots of seats but no customers that wanted to sit in them because the place was filthy and not just filthy but seemed to have an "I don't care" air about it. Of course it's easy to point fingers, especially when we live in a society that consistently puts down fast food workers and then turns around and slams them when they live up to the lowered expectations. Nevertheless, when pride matters, it shows and it benefits everyone.

Slackeyed said...

I suppose it bears to mention that this McDonalds has a 50's theme and during the summers there are classic car shows in the parking lot.