Thursday, October 30, 2008

McDonald's International Media Days 2008: Review

The McChronicles was offered a tremendous opportunity to experience McDonald's International Media Days 2008. What a better way to bring interesting information to the "customers" who are the very heart of our mission: "Chronicling the McDonald's Brand Experience From The Customers' Point Of View." We seized the chance and did our best to both experience the event and share it all with you in seven separate postings (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven).

The single most frequent question we've been asked is, "Well, what did you learn?" Then, that question is retracted in fear that The McChronicles will go on and on and never stop talking (and we could). The question is rephrased as, "What is the ONE THING you learned?"

The answer is simple. The McChronicles departed knowing that McDonald's is absolutely NOT the monolithic corporate behemoth that some accuse it of being. We are totally convinced that McDonald's is a wonderful collection of talented, capable, passionate, and fun people who care very much about their customers' experiences, their company, and their place in society.

During this event we interviewed, spoke with, and listened to people from a very wide range of roles and capacities, including: CEO, Vice President of Social Responsibility, Facility Engineers, Equipment Engineers, Chief Chef, Vice President of Beverage Strategy, Senior Media Relations Directors and Managers, Administrative Assistants, Crew, Store Managers, and more. We are convinced that such a large group of people simply can't fake sincerity, integrity, and passion in a way that we couldn't recognize. They're the real deal, and they ARE McDonald's.

The McChronicles can also share that these people are never satisfied. They are constantly seeking ways to improve their brand, to improve their business, and to delight their customers and employees. We fully expect McDonald's to accelerate their growth in product and concept development, leading to further enhancements of customer satisfaction.

This team knows they are not perfect - and they appreciate hearing both the good and the bad. The McChronicles was delighted to witness eager interest when we discussed issues and problems. Lest you think we've become a shill for McDonald's, rest assured that The McChronicles will continue to comment on opportunities for improvement - and we will continue calling out the good things, too. Mainly because we are a customer, and we experience McDonald's from OUR side of the counter. Now we know that McDonald's appreciates the feedback as well, and is eager to consider the customers' opinions. It's also clear that they aim to improve because of them.

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ShaqDonalds said...

Great article. It's nice to know that the heads up there are probably as passionate for it just like we are.

ouch9876 said...

How do we contact you? I have a story for you to write about..

McChronicles said...

mcchronicles at gmail dot com said...

Gosh, there is a great deal of worthwhile material above!


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