Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McDonald's International Media Days 2008 (Day 3, Part 1)

This morning The McChronicles was at the offices of DDB, one of McDonald's advertising agencies, for two very special announcements - and for a very special surprise.

McDonald's Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Dillon
, introduced these items this morning:
  • a McDonald's tie-in to the Upcoming Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa movie, complete with a new slogan

  • new global McDonald's packaging - with an emphasis on the product

MADAGASCAR: Escape 2 Africa

Beyond the obvious technique of linking a (hopefully) popular movie with their product for promotional purposes, this move plans to use the movie's characters, as well as special events and information to help children move beyond pure physical well-being and add more fulfillment to their lives. At the heart of this effort is a new slogan: 1 minute to move it (one minute to move it).

The "move it" part addresses moving your body and getting some exercise, and also includes moving your mind, your spirit, and your sense of self. Children (and, presumably all of us) are encouraged to take a minute whenever we need it and move our brains, work on a puzzle, a project, or a hobby. We are encouraged to take 1 minute to contemplate what we think is fun, fulfilling, and rewarding. Here is a link to the McDonald's One Minute To Move It introductory video. The McChronicles thinks it is a very interesting concept and hopes it works.

Interestingly, the "I'm Lovin' It" campaign will not disappear.

The McChronicles asked Mary Dillon if the "1 Minute To Move It" (one minute to move it) rollout-type activities will continue throughout 2009 or if the activity will simply settle into ads and slogans (we didn't word it the way it sounds here - we were not snarky about it). Mary replied, "We are considering it." The McChronicles feels that seeing McDonald's actually "move it" throughout the campaign would be a great example for our children and hopes to see a long-term implementation of such activities.

The coolest part of this announcement: McDonald's brought in gold medal Olympian Shawn Johnson to encourage kids to take 1 minute to move it. That's her in the top picture - moving it as only she can while encouraging kids to follow her example. Very cool! PS: Shawn was very gracious and fun - just as we hoped she would be. She is truly a delight and an excellent choice for such a role.


According to Mary Dillon (image: as she delivered the info - standing in front of some over-sized examples of the new look), "This is the biggest packaging initiative in the history of our brand." That's big news for sure! She echoed a theme The McChronicles has heard all week when she said, "This packaging is all about 'simple, easy enjoyment' ".

The company cited the four major goals of this packaging:

  • move from "fast food" to "good food fast"
  • simple, easy enjoyment
  • build a strong relationship with customers
  • build a strong, modern brand identity
Examples of the packaging, as they will appear in various global areas, appear below. The actual materials of the packaging were previously upgraded to a more ecological mix, so the only change here is the graphics. The McChronicles likes the graphics as they feel crisp and fun. In addition, nutritional information is easy to find quickly. Also, look for a switch away from "lifestyle" imagery and for a much stronger emphasis on the actual product, its ingredients, and its nutritional information. The McChronicles thinks this looks good while moving health-related issues to the forefront.

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Images: The McChronicles.


The_Laur said...

It is so cool to read your blog as it is from a less biased standpoint. How awesome to see the packaging from other places. Keep up the stories!

Anonymous said...

Re: Packaging, McD lies about size. Two local McD's advertise 42 oz drinks but they don't have a 42oz cup. They used to have a "Super Size" cup that was 42 oz but they changed the name to "Extra Large" and downsized it to 40 oz! All the lids are still posted as 42 oz. And the cup they still call 32 oz is now only 30 oz. I have measured them and called McD and sent email. They prefer to lie. All of their employees are brainwashed.

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