Thursday, October 30, 2008

McDonald's International Media Days 2008 (Day 3, Part 2)

This posting will wrap up The McChronicles experience at McDonald's International Media Days 2008. It was an incredibly rich 3 days of information, accessibility to people, and insight. Here is how it concluded.

After we departed McDonald's advertising agency, DDB, where we learned of the two latest corporate initiatives, we headed to the McDonald's 50th Anniversary Restaurant located at 600 N. Clark St., in Chicago. It is a pretty special restaurant on one hand as it is relatively large, super tidy, two-storied, double-drive-thru'd, McCafe'd, etc. - yet, on the other hand, it seems pretty normal with all the usual offerings, decor, etc. In other words, it was an exciting place in which to feel at home.

Our first move was to continue the official rollout of the new "1 minute to move it" (one minute to move it) campaign by joining a bunch of local elementary school children as they "moved" their minds, bodies, and souls by taking part in various activities (exercise, art, puzzles, games, challenges, etc.). Joining them was U.S. Olympic gold medal winner Shawn Johnson (who spoke at the formal announcement ceremony at DDB). She is the perfect age to get the playfulness of the kids, to be full of curiosity herself, and to also understand the ramifications of "moving it" for 1 minute. Of course, her fame is also very valuable for the program. Anyway, she was fully immersed in the activities - no "star" issues here - and certainly appeared to enjoy it all.

The McChronicles thinks these rollout events are very valuable and would like to see them continue throughout 2009 (versus ending quickly). These examples and opportunities are a very helpful method of reminding us all that it is important to enrich ourselves. The question is ... is this McDonald's JOB to pay for this? We all know that it is NICE to be reminded about these valuable activities, but who owns the responsibility?

Even if McDonald's isn't responsible, it still may be a good way to keep us all visiting them. Interesting.

Our next move was to enjoy lunch. After sampling so many new and exotic McDonald's specialties during the week, The McChronicles settled into familiar territory by ordering a double cheeseburger. After the recent double cheeseburger value meal issue, we were surprised to learn that this special McDonald's has NO dollar value meal menu - and to pay $2.15 for the sandwich. That's a lot more than the $1.00 The McChronicles pays back home.

The McChronicles: a blog about, not affiliated with, McDonald's.

Images: The McChronicles.


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