Tuesday, August 21, 2007

McDonald's Moon Man Rises (again)

McDonald's Moon Man spearheaded the company's "Mac Tonight" promtional campaign years ago in the USA when they were introducing the concept of late- and all-night McDonald's service.

Fast forward to today, and to China, where Moon Man has been called up for more duty.

There are ads on TV, on the video screens in-store, on the doors, and even on flyers. Here's one such flyer that depicts 30 of the many stores here in Shanhgai that offer 24-hour service. This makes tons of sense as this city seems to never sleep.

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The Alex said...

Speaking of moons, has anyone else noticed, in the latest McDonalds TV ad that at the very end, above the Golden Arches in the upper right side of the screen, there appears the crescent moon and stars? Isn't this the icon for Islam?

Ted said...

Get ready sleeper cells... Australian McDonald's now offering ALL HALAL menu. And guess what? It's the SAME MENU! They've been slowly changing things... non-animal fat oil (in the guise of trans-fat fiasco)and some imam could be blessing the beef at every processing plant. The Australian Muslims don't seem to care that it's an American Co... they love being catered to!


Not a bad menu.