Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chinese Toy Recall

One big global story is the massive recall of lead paint-tainted toys from China. According to Ian Williams (on NBC Nightly News, tonight) 80% of the world's toys are made in China. Mattel, alone, is recalling over 10,000,000 toys.

McDonald's sources toys from China. In a recent Wall Street Journal article we heard this about McDonald's:

McDonald's Corp., one of the world's largest toy buyers, says the problem of lead paint is so widespread in China that the company has developed a system to monitor paint all the way through the supply chain back to the paint suppliers. The company requires its Chinese toy makers to agree to use only those suppliers.

"We never go on the open market, so we know exactly who we're dealing with," said Walt Riker, vice president of corporate communications.

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Kai B. said...

I never thought, if this is true, that McD would be this responsible and thinking about future products. Especially after they dindn´t let out detailed information about the Shrimps Sandwhich they´re right now selling in Germany.

One unsatisfied Customer can keep 10 more Customers away of your Shop...
Looks like McD did something right!

Greetings from Germany,

McChronicles said...

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

The latest fashion in Chinese Toys...do they do this on purpose??
Lead-Paint is small potatoes compared to this !!!!
Is this a devious plan to undermine our society ??? -----
Millions of Chinese-made toys have been pulled from shelves in North America and Australia after scientists found they contain a chemical that converts into a powerful "date rape" drug when ingested. Two children in the U.S. and three in Australia were hospitalized after swallowing the beads

Berchta said...

Keeping up with the latest toy recalls that might affect you is important, and you know it, but like the rest of us, you likely find yourself with no time to hunt them all down from various merchants' websites.

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